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what is int


11/14/2020 9:26:27 AM


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Welcome to the forum Evansdad int is the shorstand of integer Integers are whole numbers. int main() { } means that main function will return an int. Don't rush, you'll learn that soon. It's adviced to use the search bar before asking a question to prevent duplicates. See the rules here: I recommend you to delete this thread as soon as possible! Since this question has been asked several times before, you are likely going to get many downvotes. top-right menu -> delete Anyway, welcome to SoloLearn. Please search a bit next time before asking a question. Happy SoloLearning!


Go ahead with your c course. You'll get to know. And the next time you get a question, use the search bar to find related questions that have been answered by professionals.


Please read the course of C language!!


Evansdad it can be different things.


Int is a data type which is declared the whole numbers