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Performance of web code with physics and audio?

Kode Krasher and I would need feedback on the performance of this code. We cannot see ourselves how/if there are problems on other platforms or from other locations. I have prepared a post detailing 10 questions:

11/12/2020 8:46:46 AM


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bell & Kode Krasher, I am able to play the audio and on each line it give clear sound, while clicking it gives 3 option "play, download & mute." 😃😎👍 But, 🤔 haven't gone through your questions yet. Edit: - 3 doted lines gives sound & not circles. - There is no blue color for me. - device -> android Samsung S10+ - When clicked on line sound stays for around 3 to 5 seconds 🤔 - blank area of Canvas doesn't do anything - on the left side of screen first few rounds/lines are buried, can't see clearly on screen Forgot your rest of the questions 🤔😅


Mirielle thank you for the negative feedback! just what we need. Was this recent? we changed the event to solve this problem and believed it had worked. if you tried this a few hours earlier , could you, please, retry?


thank you Kяιѕнηα 🪔🌟 this is very helpful and puzzling: apparently for you sound is loading but animation does not initiate?


When I clicked on the line, it shows a transparent options that says "download" and "mute". It never plays the sound 🔉. I'm on android samsung s10


Absolutely bell


Mirielle the download and mute is from the context menu of the audio controls. Have you tried clicking in the blank area of the canvas? Because the audio controls are layered above the canvas with z-index, the movers won't launch if you tap any of the audio controls, but because the controls ARE displayed, you will get a context menu if you tap them. I tried to set the width so the only the Play/Pause displayed, but without using media queries The controls look different on wider resolution devices? Now that I figured out the JavaScript Only Audio piece we may choose to use custom controls in the future. I have a Samsung tablet on order, so I hope to be able to test Android functionality better soon. 😉 Great feedback, and thanks for taking the time to share it! Also, I am working on some callback code to wait for sound files to load. And I have an environment with a 3 meg download connection, so I have seen the audio download lag, and that is a concern of mine that I plan to address. Thanks again! 😎👍


Kяιѕнηα 🪔🌟 can you tell us what OS you are running, and what the browser or Webkit that you have installed.