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Javascript challenges

So I'm enthusiastically going through the Javascript course, yet I find the challenges incredibly frustrating. A lack of comprehension in one or more areas is understandable, but the challenges are using elements of the language that aren't even mentioned in the course. Obviously it promotes a stronger learning of the language to search out the information on your own, but these elements should NOT be the primary focus of the challenges.. (4/5) questions using these.

11/11/2020 1:22:35 PM


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Chris 1.Click on 3 parallel lines on top left of your page 2.Then Click feedback 3.Then Change the "Type" to Suggestions 4.Describe ur suggestion/concern in the JS quiz 5.Send That's it...


Chris I wasn't blaming SL. Yes,all these quizzes are made by our co-sololearners in the quizz factory. But i don't think the Challenges are extremely hard, Coz I'm not a JS pro but i can easily score 3+ in all challenges just bcos I know other programming languages well. I think u know ,This space permits programming related queries only. So this discussion will be much better in Your feed. Also, U can pin the mods for discussion as many of the quizzes are created by SL mods itself. Happy Coding...


What's your actual Question .?


Chris But we can't do anything directly on that . What u could do is sent feedback to the Sololearn team . U can better discuss about this in your Feed. Hope that helps....


Chris Yes , your observation is partially True


Alphin K Sajan Well you are right but you can't blame SL these difficult challenges where created by the very same user , I found most of the question not be base on Good coding style and not properly intented yet approved even errors too are all approved the reason behind most of these so called challenges difficulties is that some coder believed sending difficult to read code will show their programming strength which I find wrong Better to understand code are always the best


Upon further investigating, i found out that these problems are found in the ECMASCRIPT section of the course.


Hi, the javascript course just gives you the very basic understand. i’d advice you read a book on JS


I suppose it's more of a observation. I'm curious as to whether or not anyone else has noticed the same problem.