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Java Backend

Hello everybody. i need your help. What exactly do i need to know to learn java backend ???

11/9/2020 5:49:39 PM

Saidov Og'abek

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You need to learn a lot. To begin building small web applications- * Servlets * JSP * JDBC is kind of enough for practice. But they are somewhat considered old school because most of them have moved to Spring framework now which has introduced concepts like DI(Dependency Injection) and IoC(Inversion of Control). Before moving to Spring, you might want to have a look at some API's such as- * JAXB * JAX-RS * JAX-WS * JMS * JNDI etc. Then you can learn Spring. * Spring Core * Spring MVC * Spring REST * Spring Data * Spring Boot (makes life easy) This could be overwhelming at first but slowly you could learn it given that you really want to do it. A similar thread.


Thank you for your answer