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where can i post some of my own challenges so people can actually see them and try them out? i’m new to this app and don’t have any followers to post for. but i still want to see if anyone can do my challenges


11/6/2020 12:33:32 AM


2 Answers

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Hi Menstro, and welcome to SoloLearn! If you want to post your own challenges, you may do so in your activity feed. At first you may not get a ton of exposure, but as you interact with the community and gain more followers, you will have more people trying your challenges. There's also an advertising super-thread you can post a link to your challenge on. Another option is you can join the official SoloLearn fan chat on Discord, and post links to your challenges there as well.


Hi, menstro ! Welcome to SoloLearn :) You can make a feed post about your challenges and then advertise it in the thread mention below. In that way more people will come to know about your challanges and it won't depend on the number of followers you have. Happy coding!