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My Programming Language

Where do I go to make a programming language? A website maybe, or a app, or an IDE, anywhere I can create a custom programming language.

11/3/2020 8:54:48 PM


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ELITECODE9221 Your question: "Where do I go to make a programming language?" ... is unclear and ambiguous with its current phrasing. What do you mean by "where do I go to"? I honestly can imagine your question having any of the following meanings: 1. Where do I go to start learning how to make a programming language? 2. Where do I go to share my new programming language? 3. Where do I go to add my make file on my computer to compile my new programming language? See what I mean by ambiguous? Try to provide context to help the people, who can answer, understand what specifically you're asking. Don't assume that people know what's immediately in your head as you're typing out the question. We're not mind readers afterall. 😉🔮


I actually posted the links below in your previous question and thought it might help here as well. ---- ---- NOTE: You should be able to use the example at the bottom of the Birb Language code as input to run that code. ---- ---- Good luck with your project.


A programming language starts with a language specification, so all you need is a pen and paper! Write down how your language is supposed to look like and how it is supposed to work. Then you can think about writing interpreters or compilers. For practice you can try writing a brainfuck interpreter, it's a very simple programming language and many tutorials about writing interpreters for it have been written.


Get familiar with the language first. Look up some bf tutorial on google, download bfdev (or another brainfuck IDE) and see if you can write a program that multiplies two numbers. It's harder than you'd think. And after that, write a brainfuck interpreter in C# :) Writing an interpreter for bf is easier than programming in bf itself, that's for sure.


Yup but pretty fun too. Programming bf is a bit like solving a Sudoku :D I see you have flex and yacc etc in your tags, worry about those tools a bit later I'd say.


I changed my question



Schindlabua Where do I go for Brainf*uck?


ok...I just looked at a bit of brainfuck... It looks basic but hard