Can't we dislike(Downvote) the content posted by the PRO members??[Solved] | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Can't we dislike(Downvote) the content posted by the PRO members??[Solved]

Can't we dislike(Downvote) the content posted by the Solo learners having PRO membership?? Are they free to post anything , but we can't down vote their wrong content?

10/31/2020 8:33:59 AM


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Andy[Anand] This is nothing!!! You and the pro members have the same right! And the same version not the beta one... Just a thing from my side - where you have noticed this thing was happening? Kindly let me know! Second thing if you generated this thing in your mind from the post section then do know this one thing that downvote button isn't working in post section! Sl will solve this issue soon! If any of the user posts anything wrong content do report him on discord or in let's stay safe thread! edit: ++༒«ᵛ ⁱ ⁿ ᵃ ʸ ᵃ ᵏ»༒++ what he meant for I have told him the same! as the user Haven't mentioned about "who can see downvote and who not" tho I'll answer for this - if the user have vip apk then any of the user can access beta version! but this will result in a permanent ban of device! ~moderators can see and remove downvotes if the content don't violates community guidelines! //I hope any of this thing he was asking for in his question! I guess it's cleared now! All are equal :)


Martin Taylor and vinayak To be accurate and exact. According to the guidelines you can use downvotes for below reasons ` 1. Posts/answers comments that can be considered as spam 2. Incorrect and misleading answers 3. Answers/comments that do not match the question 4. Cases of plagiarism 5. Other cases that contradict the guidelines ` If you misuse or do it for the following reasons: Deliberately downvoting content created by a certain user to express your attitude to the user or downvoting content that doesn’t violate our rules and policies may be considered as suspicious activity and lead to *blocking the account*. This can happen^ Do a search on the below link to find the full text: Policy for Using Upvote/Downvote Option


@nasif Platinum moderators have access to remove them :) "Any of the platinum moderator" I have seen this thing 50+ times/that they can remove :) edit: Nasif Rahman they can check and removed each downvote! that's why we're having an offense of downvote abuse and is always reviewed by moderators ;) whereas I have given reports for this many times and the downvotes are removed by mods as the q or a were meeting community guidelines ;)


Try it and you see you can dislike posts of PRO Member 😂


posts in activity cant be disliked in generall I think...


Who told you this🤨 Downvote is a two edged sword. Only use it when you see a content that breaks the rules. Downvoting any post (here, post resembles all kind of user- published content) is an offense, and you can be warned by a moderator for downvote abuse. And remember, always think before you downvote, because even one downvote can take your content down. As each upvote makes a post popular, similarly each downvote makes a post infamous. So yes, you can downvote even a pro user, but ONLY if he posts something/ does something that's against the rules.


You can dislike anything you like, or dislike rather.


I believe, Piyush he means to say that he cannot see the difference when he downvotes. Yes, normal users cannot see the person who downvoted (only moderators, I think, platinum ones, can see the downvotes.) And this is a good feature.


😅😅😅 I forgot to mention: it's an offense when used as a tool for personal attack/ mass downvote (dwnvtng the Comments/ answers in a thread when they are perfectly valid)


Use the search bar 😁😁😁😁😁😁


It is possible to dislike Andy[Anand] . Please explain your problem


++༒«ᵛ ⁱ ⁿ ᵃ ʸ ᵃ ᵏ»༒++ Hmm.... That could be


There are different Types of moderators. According to Piyush Platinum Moderators (the highest Level) can remove downvotes... The others maybe cant remove the downvotes...


@vinayak Who told you that downvoting was an offence on SoloLearn? That is completely untrue. I downvote posts that are misleading and/or inacurate regularly. Including your post where you stated... "Downvoting any post (here, post resembles all kind of user- published content) is an offense, and you can be warned by a moderator for downvote abuse." If a statement is wrong I will downvote it.


Downvoting a purely created content doesn't look good to me. Instead, use the comment section to make a suggestion for that person. There are so many new learners here on Sololearn, and downvoting their codes is like discouraging them.... On the other hand, a post that violates the community rules should be downvoted if found.


Maxwell Anderson But I can't .... I tried 😔😔


Ohh.... Now I got the answer..... That the button itself is not working.... I thought it is something extra feature for PRO's in SL... Something V.I.P 😅😅😅


try to downvote this answer I am PRO