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Does SoloLearn support shell scripting?

10/31/2020 5:15:26 AM


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That's pretty much asking whether we can take full control of SoloLearn server by means of shell script 😁 But then, why you tagged C++, PHP, Python? neither of those were shell scripting language 🤔



Ipang cuz php,c++ and python could also be used for hacking tools sometimes so i thought it would help my question reach more experts out there


Of course not bro 😔


Ipang Same as web code now - both in SL and your browser. It runs on your device, and (i guess) you don't have any objections. The point i am trying to make is that running any code has the problem you mention, and shell scripts by themselves are no more or less risky than others. To be at least a bit useful to the original question - while not on SoloLearn, bash scripting language is availalable on several online services, such as


Volodymyr Chelnokov I got your point And the point I was trying to make is the risk of a mistake in SoloLearn server will be enjoyed by the many, and so, if someone wants to play something risky, then just play in their backyard, not in public park. I think you should have posted those useful links earlier.


Not supported over sololearn platform as i thought


UnrealTom If possible, don't tag arbitrary language name, why? because it disappoints people who came in a thought that a question was actually related to the tagged language 👌


Ipang okay i would not use irrelevant tags to my question next time and for now i know that we couldn't do shell in SL so i'm removing those tags


Volodymyr Chelnokov I would guess SoloLearn had anticipated that *probably*. The thing is, when something goes wrong, the millions of users will share the impact rather than just one person running the script, when it runs in server. How SoloLearn app or web will gain access to execute a script on user's side is also another thing. I personally wouldn't like an app or web trying to run something in my phone : )


Ipang but in the same way you might say 'we can take full control of SoloLearn server by means of a python script'. It is possible to sandbox a shell script, or run it on users side. Whether SL wants to implement it is another thing.


Jan Markus Asking about shell scripting isnt asking about hacking...


Thomas It's worse - it's outright robbery. Companies spend billions to develop intuitive user-friendly UIs, and those damn kids code in their shells not buying stuff.


Volodymyr Chelnokov You know, robbery isnt really a scaled escalation of hacking, but lol