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How can I improve my JavaScript skills?

I notice that after studying JavaScript In many apps and websites, JavaScript can be integrated with other languages to communicate with databases. ... JS, or Node, is one of the most popular versions of server-side JavaScript, Yes.... JavaScript suppose to have a great study experience, so how can I expand the knowledge using SoloLearn?

10/30/2020 3:19:31 PM

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You shouldn't limit yourself to sololearn, there are thousands of courses on youtube for nodejs mongodb (database) etc


Sagar Singh challenge is enough, talkless of another cousers


Khlood Check these out for reference Mayank Kumar you shouldn't copy other's answer, too 👀 Can you delete it, please?


Shaikh im not talk about learning i just want to expand the skillls


i dont mention mango db many people hate it so why should i use it


maf sql is better becurse the data are in arrenged in the tables


maf are you using mango db


you can take challenges on sololearn and projects


Watch these two playlists about JavaScript and uses of Javascript May be they will be helpfull.


Practice solving real world problems.


Just try these two books 1.John ducket javascript and jquerry 2. Head and first series javascript


You can use FreeCodeCamp💯🔥 courses on YouTube.


Try to practice a lot.If you feel comfortable with a topic move on to next section. REMEMBER: JS is actually very vast but interesting to learn


Khlood Only practices make it improve. Try to speak in Javascript, write in JS, listen native's conversations in JS, think in it.


Hey Khlood I would suggest trying bout game development in JavaSricpt, the basics are suprisingly really easy and the more you go into it, the more you improve your logic and math skills in JavaSricpt There are tons of tutorials to help you get started, here's one! There's no harm in trying 😉


if you have a large amout of data then everyone prefer mysql


Search more about sources


Practice makes a human perfect, In today's world you can google for anytutorial and there are several apps like solo learn, programming hub etc. For know more about Js explore from internet and for be perfect do practice. Because a book and something other gives limited things, So, I prefer go to their official Sites. :)


Obviously learn it daily and do not limit you learn resources and also do projects to help you master the js skills


databases supported node js Cassandra Couchbase CouchDB LevelDB MySQL MongoDB Neo4j Oracle PostgreSQL Redis SQL Server SQLite Elasticsearch