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Best Js frontend framework

please someone who had most best experience in developing js frontend. answer me which framework is the best framework for js frontend. I want to know what should I learn to be a professional full stack in frontend developing

10/29/2020 12:05:28 PM


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There is no "best" framework. All the modern ones pretty much perform similarly. I suggest you to choose one depending on the demand of the region where you live. Plus, front end developers nowadays would have to learn all of the prominent frameworks to be able to score any job requirements. Now in my opinion, working with both React and Vue, Vue definitely offers the best development experience by being simple and straightforward in doing things.


To be a professional you should learn to build a frontend without a framework. Only then you can completly understand and optimize the frontend and then start working with frameworks.


Dragonxiv Then when I start working with frameworks, what is the best?


Understand all the javascript concepts from this javascript guide Before you start learning javascript framework.