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Do you prefer working alone or in a team❓

UPDATE: Thank you for your answers and likes! ;)

3/12/2017 11:03:35 PM

Igor Makarsky

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Depends . If I want to go fast , I will work alone. If I want to go far, I will work together.


Thank you all for your answers and for making this question trend! I work in a team and I like it. It's good to know that there are people who can help and support you.


it's possible to work alone on small or personal projects, but for large projects it's needed to work in a team. I think.


I like to do pair programming. Else, I prefer to do it in a team even though it is a hassle in terms of arguements in codes, etc. At least you can find the best solution as a team.


Team(Together Everyone can Achieve More)


I prefer team work because in a team, you may learn- Team work, leadership, More experience, More knowledge than in alone work ☺


I work alone and enjoy it


depends on the task at hand. I work alone currently but see no problems delegating.


It depends. Sometimes, teamwork is better that individual one because you learn from each other and you will always want to work to improve your wok.


Team! It motivated me to write a good code. Also, I just love to be in a awesome company :)


sometimes alone work better than team. But most of the times team is better than alone.


It depends on the project topic , mostly i prefer group work. but sometimes you need to work alone.


It doesn't matter because when we already good or not always I choose to team but I work alone too far my team it give me and my team spirit


If rules all set like company policy on even something basic like variables' naming, go for team. Easier also then to pic up where someone left. else if you are a genius and likes your own way, go alone. But when you hit a hard brick, good to have some mates around !


alone because you can schadule your time and get a keen vision from top to a problom more focuse


always team


two is better than one. team is great when you all have the passion for the same thing and are willing to help each other.


I prefer to work alone but not forever alone 'cause sometimes I needed to get some clue from my friend or mate. One thing that I surely know and I gotta know from my experience is that nobody can always work alone as everyone need someone to inspire him and sometimes show him way ...




Please read this comment fully. I work alone always. Don't think that I'm a non-social being. But, In a team, most times, your point of view won't be liked at all, so you had to follow their path. Also, sometimes, like in contests, you know the answer, but the team wanna know how to do it. Then explaining costs time. Also, when someone else is near you, it's natural that you involve in talking unconsciously, which is actually harmful in creative works. Yes, together, you'll be strong in a team, but in a team, if you're better than others, or the opposite, you'll feel bad. So, I prefer being a lonewolf.