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Tienes la lógica de como hacer esto??? La hacienda “El Mango”, necesita llevar el control de la cosecha mediante una aplicación que permita registrar por fecha la cantidad de fruta recogida a diario, donde pueda registrar fecha, cantidad, responsable y el sector de la hacienda. Esto permitirá luego realizar consultas de la fruta recolectada.

10/9/2020 4:49:06 AM

Josselyn Madeleine Gómez Quinto

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Please write your question in english language and mention Programming language also.


U need to analyze the process of farm i am telling u roughly . Take Variables to store data quantity and number for person for number of person declear array take one another variable count and set intital value 0 which will count total numbers of fruit . And implement it through coding . Its not tough according to your need make Variables for counting u need loops. May be u can do it


Programming language I use is java with jsf and jsp. I must do it in Netbeans. help!!! The farm "El Mango", needs to keep track of the harvest through an application that allows you to record the amount of fruit collected daily by date, where you can record the date, quantity, person responsible and the farm sector. This will then allow queries about the harvested fruit.