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If I have completed a course and if I reset the progress.. 1st. Will I loose all xp which I got from that course 2nd. If I reset and learn again will I get xp again ... Pls help me out with this NiLésh @everyone

9/28/2020 2:24:27 PM

JAY • ≫

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JAY JIKARE㊪ What? 🤔 You will lose all the xps you earned from that language (including course and challenges) And you can earn them again (from 0 😢)


As easy as ABC: 1) Yes, definitely you'll be losing all your XPs if you've reset it. Also,The challenges you played in that language. 2) Yes, If you'll lose XP then, If you'll complete it again you'll gain XP. *2 Advices/Suggestions/or whatever you say: 1)Why don't you try it yourself by starting a new course and resetting it🤔? 2) Seems a duplicate question and unnecessary question Maybe used just for getting upvote. 3) No need to mention platinum mod unnecessarily other's are also capable to help you out. (as you mentioned @Lord Krishna sir directly previously) I hope you'll follow these steps next time. Will you? Edit: Thanks for removing the mention


Namit Jain thanks


If you will learn again you will get XP but remember that you will not gain XP's that you won through challenges


Namit Jain i am asking that


Ya both the points are correct 🙂