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XML JAVA error

Hay freinds I was trying to make my first app in JAVA-N-IDE app as I dont have laptop so I have to do this In mobile. https://code.sololearn.com/Wlb7NZ3S1kIi/?ref=app Acctuly in this code I had given my xml code instead of html and java instead of CSS 😂 so please cheque it. when I comment out my grdvw (line 18 in html) section then the installed app runs perfectly but if grdvw is uncommented it installs the app but dose not allowe to run it . Acctuly I want to make a calculator android app. So I need a grid so that all elements and buttons can be packed easily . Help me out to sove this error

9/28/2020 6:08:42 AM


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Here is a point to note that  GridView gets its data from a ListAdapter, the only data loaded in memory will be the one displayed on screen.  Whereas a GridLayout is a layout that places its children in a rectangular grid. So that's why i used GridLayout here instead of GridView So don't be confused https://code.sololearn.com/WiKu1W1SIce4/?ref=app i have added few buttons only, you can change it according to your requirement


I guess Grdvw should be GridView in android


They have GridView Search it out


Bro check out this https://abhiandroid.com/ui/gridview


丹ⓨㄩک廾 🇮🇳 yeah i will show you🙂👍


Now if you have any doubt regarding this you can feel free to ask me🙂🙂👍


I dont think so Lamya😉 ["非活性"] because xml dosent have predefined tags


Aakaanksha 💕 ...she can only tell...or Raj Srivastava Lamya😉 ["非活性"]


May be Lamya😉 ["非活性"] but I need to modify that code so that I can use 4×6 grids for the calculator buttons . Do you know how can I do that because GridView will not provide that feature. I want all the button widgets in xml itself


Ok thanks Lamya😉 ["非活性"] . Just edit the xml if you can 🥰


We often give them a name for our convenience but thay are not reserved words . For example we often write Main as a class name in for main class. ok let me try Lamya😉 ["非活性"]


丹ⓨㄩک廾 🇮🇳 ...if any problem in Java Beyond arrays...then u can ask Lamya Sis...she is one of the best in this.. But under Arrays strings and operators..I can tell..that's all


Lamya😉 ["非活性"] can u please help me in my html codes and some Java..please lamy....🙏🙏


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