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How can i remember all the things?

I learn HTML in the continuity of learning web designing. Now learning CSS. I have some youtubers tutorials and w3schools to learn CSS Let's take refuge in it. Now I have almost all types of Property and I can understand their work. Now my problem is that I can't remember so many properties at once. How do I learn to remember all the properties together? (I give back time of 2 to 3 hours a day)


9/26/2020 4:49:19 PM


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MSA.Rahat Just gave 1-2 hours to that thing which you have learnt before a day. It's a kinda concept - When you learn new thing(3hours) Next day,a revision for it(2hours) Then next day(1hour) Next day(30 minutes) Next day 10 minutes) After applying this concept you'll remember the concept forever Hope this helps ✌️


not your brain must remember but your fingers. practice as much as u can.


You don't need to remember every detail. You only need to remember, where you can look up the information you need for a particular task. Usually, google will take you to the right spot. Build things from the pieces that you know already. That practice will solidify your knowledge. Add a few things to your code, that you don't know yet routinely, and have to look up in lessons, tutorials and documentation. That research will teach you new things faster than any youtube video.


By practicing and coding more.


when you learn any language, so .. make codes together eith learning its a best idea from my side


It's not practically possible


Learning Css is very hard but there is this saying "practice makes one perfect" So MSA. Rahat get enough time practicing Everytime, everywhere until you got what you want to achieve.


Use properties in your code that help you to remember in mind


If your want to remember it for a long time, you need to practice and revise it for a good number of times, so that your brain can adapt to it and also reason. So you need time to learn and practice.


It's same for everyone when they begin. I will tell the method I used. I just memorise below ten properties which are important and Iam able to rememebr. Then I will try to make webpages, small ones, I will need some properties I don't know, then I will google my requirement and will see the property which suit my need and will use it, when I use I will memorize it. Even if I forget it next time, I will google once more but after using once or twice we can remember it😉 The key is to learn by doing. Make mistakes and fix it. Make small broken codes.. they too can teach us many things.


You don't have to recall each property you read. Revisit if you want to do any particular task. That could be over the internet, documents etc.


It mainly depends on your interest and practise on your topic.


Yep. Code code code my friend. <head> and <body>!


It is not supposed to be memorised by heart. A lot of developers remember things that they will or have to use daily. A lot of the time, I use google to get some information about some CSS properties or refer to web documentation. But at the end of the day if you will practice these things enough, they will become second nature to you.