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Which is better AngularJs or React Js plzz explain [Solved ]

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9/26/2020 4:18:37 AM

Kaneki :)

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JS JS and JS While i am a big fan of React, each tech stack has its own advantages and disadvantages. Master JS, and learning any new trendy framework/lib/plugin will become much easier.


Thank you


ReactJs absolutely for some reasons. 1. Lightweight 2. Easy than angularjs 3. Freedom to choose any routing or fetching library. 4. Large Community support. 5. Tons of reusable components that you can find.


Burey , after seeing your posts ; I know you are a big fan! mod edit: busted 😅


Trust me my friend. The more you learn, no more difficulties. As all said react is easy compared to but it all has its own pros and cons. Make sure why you're learning and where you're implementing the framework so you can select on basis of you're project


react is easy because its own libraries . angular is little complex as compare to react.


I saw another called Vue, and I found it is "easier" (two guys told). But on truth I prefer React and isn't too hard.


"The time spent on learning every Javascript framework could be better spent learning a new algorithm"