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Yoh I was cruising around peacefully around the course until I met HTML5

3/9/2017 6:23:13 PM

Likoro Frederick

7 Answers

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Yap I did, I cruised it good!


Roll your windows down, glance at it, smoke a cigarette and keep cruising


Haha cheating your way through won't help much. It's better you start by competing with those at your level or lower until you get a good grasp of it, then things will just flow smoothly!


Cool there is a saying that goes like "if you want to fight like a lion alrighty I don't remember but the point it, I'll compete with larger opponents if possible


Great advice 😂😂😂 did you cruise it too?


Perfect that's for the encouragements awesome


Yoh you finished html, send me some answers I wanna cheat my way through maybe it's better