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Python Is used for web development?

I heard many times that python is used to develope website but i haven't seen any website Which is created by website. Is above statement is only a MYTH? If python is used to create a website then can someone send me a demo website?

9/25/2020 7:54:21 AM

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How does Python fit into web development? Python can be used to build server-side web applications. While a web framework is not required to build web apps, it's rare that developers would not use existing open source libraries to speed up their progress in getting their application working. Python is not used in a web browser. The language executed in browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer is JavaScript. Projects such as pyjs can compile from Python to JavaScript. However, most Python developers write their web applications using a combination of Python and JavaScript. Python is executed on the server side while JavaScript is downloaded to the client and run by the web browser. Happy Coding </>


A blog demo:


It has several back-end frameworks.


Also on the front end using Brython but that's not too common.


Python is used for making games or may be some apps but it is not used for making website. For making website u should use html for beginning😊☺


Yes... Python can be used as a web development language.... Moreover YouTube And Google have their front algorithms written in Python language... So python may be the easiest to Make webs....,,😌


Front end is built with html css js jquery and back end is built with python s framework s such as django or flask to built website .


yes python is used for web development using flask liberary


Python is for backend in webdeveloptment


I see django for python, and you can use python for web development