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How to create my own online python interpreter to my website?

I was already searched in google for many hours. But I didn't get answer for this. How to create my own online interpreter to c,c++,python to my website like sololearn codeplayground.

9/23/2020 2:26:50 PM

Mohan 333

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Mohan 333 people don't create it, they install it on their server and do what I said above. you only need to buy a server that supports python then install python on it. The other way is to use some random API


I don't know because it's outside of my area of interest.


first thing would be to complete the c-, c++-, python-, html-, css-, javascript- and php-courses. and that's not even enough.


Who writes a separate interpreter for their website? You just need to install python and it's interpreter on your server. Accept input as raw text from your website, interpret it with the already installed interpreter on your server and send the result back to the frontend.


You need to make a server everything on code playground website is sent to SL's server executed there and sent on the website you also need a seperate computer to use as server.


Jan Markus ok. But how?


You do not need to install. Search google for online interpreters and embed it on page. That is simple, and can work on free hosting.


this is called reinventing the wheel and it is not a good idea