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Back-end programming

I thought I had idea about back-end. Buh it seems like I know nothing about it. Even though I'm not yet going into it fully , I'll like to know how it is. After learning a programming language like PHP , what next will be the next step for back-end or server scripting.

9/23/2020 9:22:14 AM

Timmy Afolami

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If you are writing PHP, you are already doing server side scripting. The ideal next step is to learn how to work with databases. I suggest you learn MySQL and the use of PDO MySQL(pdo_mysql) driver. You may further learn how to create a HTTP API. For that you need to learn about REST, cURL extension and object relational mapping. Also learn about PSR 7 and how to use a PSR 7 component like slim/psr7 or nyholm/psr7. Other areas you might look into are - Authentication/Authorization - Model/View/Controller pattern - Microservice architecture - Dependency injection and PSR 11 - Unit testing and integration testing. - Configuring virtual development environments - Database migration - Automated deployment Most of this you can do easily by using a full stack monolithic framework like Laravel.


In addition to above mentioned post I would recommend to install XAMPP server and train all the different possibilitys to handle requests between backend, frontend as well as mysql.