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What is advantages of PHP over ASP & JSP?

Just asking , anyway I like to code on PHP as server side language and preferred to do so.

3/9/2017 9:10:34 AM

Vishal Prajapati

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JSP is an alternative to PHP like any other programming language, and just like PHP is an alternative to anything other.CPU-wise, it will depend on your applications. JSP, asThe Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site, are compiled and run in a virtual machine; PHP, on the other hand, is interpreted.In both cases, the bottleneck would probably be the database access or your applicationitself, not the underlying language mechanisms. As for memory usage,from what I've seen, small applications have a smaller memory footprint when written in PHP, and the opposite is true for large apps. Again, this is only my personal experience, and other people may not obtain the same results with their apps. Finally, security-wise,it's up to you to makean application secure.


1 - php is free & 2 - you can run php on any os but asp just run on windows


asp is easy to learn