How to know that someone is active or online on sololearn?💬💬💬💬🗨 | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


How to know that someone is active or online on sololearn?💬💬💬💬🗨



9/20/2020 6:57:32 PM

Astron Daniel

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This hurts but As sololearn is a learning platform and not social app We can't see others are online or what , But this things help us to learn without any disturbance & distraction


Thanks god there is no such feature 😂


Ruba Kh Hoping they will never add in future 🤣🤣


By sending them DM and ask if they're online


Just look at their activity and if here is nothing that is more than 1 week, they are inactive


Astron Daniel There is actually a way to do this amongst friends and the use of firebase where as you come online, go to a designated code, click online status button.. then when your friend/s come online they do the same... The code will display all those that clicked online status... and as you go offline click offline status button. If you are like myself however my offline status button rarely gets touched and my online status button has been on almost 3 years now. Only 2 other people have the same code ... and has been working here on SoloLearn the whole time.


Kevin ★ I think its an educational app that has social features, not a social app per se


Vachila64☕ thank you 🤩🙏


Agree 😂


Try instagram.... Sololearn is for learning 😊


Well said Snehal 👏🏻


Snehal can you please help me


I agree with Almina Gökçe Çiçek .


I hope this feature, won't come at all, people will start spamming the DM more frequently..


Absolutely true Snehal


Just clarifying my point. No offense. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Saying that this feature is not available because this is not a social app is a mistake. Saying that "its an educational app that has social features, not a social app per se" is also a mistake because it implies that the social aspect is secondary. SL is as much social as it is a learning app, whether you like it or not. I am very surprised that so many of you have not noticed this fact. Let's look at SoloLearn's fb page: Don't missunderstand me, SL shines for the learning opportunity it offers, so although the social approach is something that makes it unique, I think that we should not be here for any reason other than to learn and help others in their journey. Astron Daniel although I agree with Snehal when she says that the feature will cause unwanted distraction, I think you should send a suggestion to [email protected] if you would like this option in the future.


Thank God , it's Sololearn not Fakebook


Aryan Gupta Thank you 🤩🙏


Mirielle[ InAcTiVe ] 's method seems the simplest way to find out.


And then why is it also that you only see those who upvote but not those who dislike😄😄sometimes it goes negative it hurts😪