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Why Sololearn Not Work Every Sunday ?

I open app & only loading continue

9/20/2020 3:10:08 PM


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I think sololearn server becomes very hot due to lot of pressure .That's why sololearn takes a break in Sunday as it is the national holiday of USA😄😄. You can email to [email protected] about this but give email with details including the country you are using in sololearn.


I do not experience this issue. Could it be related to your network/ISP? Sometimes, when using one of my data sims the site/app fails to load. Switching to a different network fixes the issue. Try wifi, another service provider, etc. It may fix the issue. In any event feel free to contact sololearn via settings, feedback to get more help/assistance and possible solution to your issue.


༄ᶦᶰᵈ᭄⚔𝕌𝕛𝕛𝕒𝕨𝕒𝕝⚔ —͟͟͞͞𖣘 but I face this problem last 3 Sunday


Works fine for me.


Same problem bro


every sunday it works properly , i work on solo. it not with me anytime


It works properly every Sunday ,i am using sololearn from 3 months but i not faced this type of problem


LOL, maybe sololearn dislocation in Republic Belarus? Dictator off our internet every Sunday.


Maybe you guys to try upgrading ur sololearn it is working fine for me and this is sunday which i answer this question


what that doesn't make any sense Raunak Ranjan


Bcz SoloLearn wants a holiday!!😁😁


No it's working fine in my phone


It was very slow for me this Sunday but this was the first time its happened for me.


Sometimes the problem happens to me too but then I restart the app and it's fine. Try the reboot, works all the time if not most of the time.


Must be weird coincidence Maybe your service provider has issues on sunday


No may be something else. Not seen Sololearn taking holidays.


🏛 ⛪ 🏛 Every Sunday they go the church ⛪ 🏛 💒


No, it's work. Bro


Coding In Heaven same problem bro


It works for me