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How to learn languages correctly? What do we need to do that languages were not forgotten later? How often do we must to return to the passed information? Is it possible to get into the company yourself without a diploma? Which country is the best place to work / study / develop now?

9/19/2020 7:27:25 PM

Daniil Shkarupa

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Всё на инглише, а я русский мне пох


3) I am coding for more then 15 years, still I have to get back to the docs to find specific information. Yesterday I read about the 'sum' function in Python. It's clear what it does but did you know how handles empty lists? Is the result None or 0? 4) Sure, show what you can. Have valid examples of your experience. 5) Find out what you need and then where you get it. Some people need to be near their family others need to see different cultures.


Ok i don't know all answers of your questions but i can say that... Actually You don't have to remember language . You should try to understand insted of remember When you will understand it will make sense to you and you can create your own codes but if you will remember i am sure you will confused . Ok now how you can be perfect in coding My one and only Answer is practice


A lot of questions :-) 1) Nobody can tell, how to properly learn something. Only you know, how YOU learn effectively. If not, just try different things like reading books, watching videos or ask others. You will find out what works for you. 2) To not forget a language, you just need to use it.