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Does coding is helpful to all fields?

Other than computer science, Is coding helpful in other fields also?

9/19/2020 8:56:07 AM

Sindhuja Sivaraman

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No, if you are to dig up a field and then plant it, programming is of little use.


Hatsy Rei Yes, in principle, you can mechanize nearly all fields. When I studied civil engineering, there was an institute at my university with the name "Institute of Technology and Management in Construction". They developed a roboter which could produce brick walls as prefabricated parts which were to be transported to the building site. There was even a report in German television about this research project.


Jan Markus I would argue that with the help of a mechanical engineer, you can program bots to do that for you. :> By extension, coding can be of assistance in every field. It is that one expertise which brings innovation to both academia and the working industry, though it is your creativity and level of mastery of it that decides whether you can effectively leverage its power.


Yes, it could be used in several fields, some companies consider the cost-benefit of implementing machinery with programed code if the machine takes more jobs than it creates. What industry are you interested in, there could be research studies in the sector?