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React native on sololearn...

Is there a way to code and develop react native app on sololearn using any CDN or some alternative???... ------------------------Edit--------------------------- Not only on sololearn but any other platform, Like any online editor, where I can code react-native apps using My phone!... I tried on Expo snack editor, but I'm not able to write there using My phone...

9/12/2020 9:06:50 PM

Syed Waseem

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React Native is a different animal than React. React Native is to build apps that are valid both on Apple and Android phones. You won't be able to do some React Native here on Sololearn, as we cant build and run an apk (or the iOS equivalent) with Sololearn. React.js is a javascript tool / library to make a website user interface. Yes you can use CDN links to play with it on Sololearn. Knowing React.js will likely help you to use React Native later. Another cross platform mobile app tool is called Flutter. It uses Dart language, fairly easy to learn. It's a winning combo with "Material Design" , a lot of good looking widgets. I recommend looking into it as well. .... On a side note, apps made with cross platform tools like React Native and Flutter are unlikely to compete well with other pure native apps, as the later are simply more performant. That last statement is only my opinion but I hear that some major companies still like to hire two different types of expert coders for iOS and for Android.


Syed Waseem please have a look at the code playground as Burey and ChillPill both have quite a few react codes.


You can build react native directly from Expo Snack using mobile phone. Check "Desktop site" chrome browser option, for better coding experience.


BroFar thanks. I saw there codes but they're in react not react-native...


Not on sololearn ,I tried a lot but cudn't find a script that I could link in code playground and test those natives even tho i am really new to react ,react native is really interesting but sadly haven't found anything that lets you use them here


ChillPill isn't there any online editor where I may code react native... I found expo snack but it won't let Me code using My mobile...