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Try it yourself

Does this work for anyone? Tapping it does nothing for me. IPhone 11 Pro

9/12/2020 11:37:50 AM

Paul Neibarger

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Please reframe your question


Paul Neibarger Please provide more details like the app version, the course and lesson in question. That way others on similar platform can help reproduce and hopefully report to sololearn. You can also report it directly to sololearn via sending a bug report to their email on [email protected] NB. The post has been marked for auto-deletion. Unless, more details are provided it will be removed 24hrs later.


which lesson ?


Paul Neibarger There is no 'Try it yourself' for SQL. Those are readonly examples on sololearn. You can try replicating those examples in an sql enviornment on desktop, Or try one of the sites present in the search results below:


App version 3.7.1 iOS 13.6.1 SQL Fundamentals Any Lesson up to 5 of 7 of Basic Concepts.


reframe the question. when i tap “Try it yourself” button nothing happens. I cannot try it myself. I am wondering if this works for other people or if it is because I am using a mobile app. I am currently using App 3.7.1 and iOS version 13.6.1 on an iPhone 11 Max Pro. I dont know how to word this any better. certainly not going to invest in a “pro” version if I cant ask a functionality question about the app without getting downvoted. Obviously I am having an issue using the app. I tap, tap and hold, hold my breath, I even tried turning it off and back on again.