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Node.js questions

1. How do I use node.js on code coach? 2. Is it possible to run all JS on node.js and using console.log to output? 3. How do I gather input in node.js? Thank you in advance!

9/10/2020 9:03:39 PM

Galaxy-Coding (inactive)

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Bahha🐧 node.js does not show for me in code coach


Bahha🐧 Is there another way to gather node.js input in general on Sololearn


Bahha🐧 I finally got PRO, but still don’t have node.js


the ones I solved, the input is handled by the creator of code coaches just check which variable is storing input, and I used JS console.log() for output.


they are for pro users. check the image in the code, are we talking about the same thing?


the node.js challenges are in Javascript course.