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How can you figure out the points positions in the data of a path ?

I find it really tricky and confusing to determine the x's and y's in the shape i'm designing , It requires lots of points to make a medium or an advanced design , and hence it takes a heck of a time to write them all correct espacially with arcs bézier curves and patterns , In addition to that , sometimes i had wrong points written which destroy the whole design and it takes my day to solve it because you know , the output page is bloody blank and even with very precise values such as decimals and fractions , How can you manage you to avoid all flaws and have precise well-written data ?

9/10/2020 6:19:00 PM

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There are two methods in which you can use svg: •Using XML This is the default and basic way we use. It is just writing different rect, circle, etc tags to make up a drawing. <svg> <rect></rect> </svg> In this method if you want to prevent mistakes the only way is to PRACTICE. •Using Editing Softwares You can use free softwares like inkscape. It would allow you to draw and export it in SVG format. Then you can Import the svg as an Image in HTML... <img src="example.svg"/> Hope it helps... Reference Links: •USING INKSCAPE