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Python3 Beginning, Bug ?!

Hi, beginning python thereβ€˜s a bug I think, should type (β€œHi”) but only can type 5 signs in (but must 6) πŸ€”

9/10/2020 8:13:08 AM

Andreas Jobst

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Yo, stop typing words and post your code. Your words dont make much sense


Can you post your code please? A lot easier to help if we can see what youre talking about.


Do you refer to a question in the first Python lesson?


Donβ€˜t know how.....πŸ€” its at the beginning part of Python, lesson is to type (β€œHi”) but just can type (β€œHi” ....using app with ios


The task in the beginning of the Python course is more like: "fill in the blanks to complete the Python code snippet so it prints the string 'Hi' to console"


fill in the blanks to print Hi....then must type (β€œHi”) but can’t because can only type (β€œhi”


Not sure, if we are talking about the same question? _____("Hi") So "Hi" is already "typed in".


oh I got it.....must type print 😌😌😌 πŸ˜–πŸ˜€πŸ‘


Type this print ("Hi") print ("hello world")