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Sololearn bug

Can anyone give me right suggestion to solve this error permanently

9/9/2020 12:51:56 PM


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Lamya😉 ["非活性"] bug problem confirmed 🙌 Now you have got the solution ig 🤔 "SWITCH OFF THE AUTO ROTATE"


This happens to me too.If you are using dark mode. So you will see this bug sometimes.This happens if you are using multi apps (like whatsapp, ig etc).When you open the sololearn again. So it looks like this. It would be nice if you give a screenshot of this via email to Sololearn.


Namit Jain yeah it happens again 👍


Harsh [ Inactive ] This is not the first time. Have been facing this issue since last week but i thought it is temporary but it's not.


Sahil Verma nothing happened


Piyush Namit Jain but i have already cleared my cache. Okay let's check it after switch off auto rotate what will happen🙂


⚕️VAMPIRE SKILLS⚕️ I'll check your solution too👍


Can it happened first time ? One day i was unable to open this app but from next day it is working fine It may be a temporary bug


Lamya😉 ["非活性"] Then only sololearn can do something Email - [email protected]


Tshepo Tbones it is already a dark mode😅😁


Try reinstalling the app before mailing. Try mailing them about this problem with the screenshot if possible. here's their email id [email protected]


Try to clear cache and storage of app. Don't forget to mail sololearn for the same. Send them the proof of bug. try to switch off you rotate Email - [email protected] Hope this helps ✌️


Oh... Okay no problem 😊... Wait for more answers... I hope you find the way out soon 😊


Switch off your auto rotate 🙌 This bug occurs when you rotate your phone and then take it back to potrait!


Lamya😉 ["非活性"] you can intentionally switch on the auto rotate and rotate your phone and bring it back to potrait to confirm this bug


It's simple.... Close the dark mode once and then open it again.... It'll be fixed automatically.... Let me know if this works for you 😊


it temporary can be fixed using Sahil Verma suggestion, but its reoccuring bug


New bug😒😒


happen to me i already report it, for me its only occur when changing into dark mode. currently i'm in light mode until new update arrived.


Try reinstalling the app ✌️