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Can we alert box

My fellow subjects, how can I style or make an alert box more attractive or cooler than normal alertbox

9/8/2020 3:44:45 PM

Madubuike David

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+7 Try this


Using Swal alert which is easy to modify and get designed. See this, made by NiLesh ©By Nilesh 😎


Use library like Sweetalert.js, bootbox.js, attention.js, jquery-confirm Mention language as tag!


You can not apply CSS to the standard alert box. You will need to create a custom one. Example:


Just write your own alert window!!!with transparent background! It will be very cool!


Yes you can... There's a JS CDN... Sweetalert... In which your alertbox much more cooler than the usual one😊


I am Working on same topic I will inform if i get the tactic