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My debit card doesn't working for pro membership....?

Actually I want to purchase pro membership ....but I'm unable to purchase... because my debit/credit card doesn't working.....and also UPI....???

9/7/2020 3:13:58 AM


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By any chance you are using Rupay debit card? That appears to be a common reason for failed transaction as it's not directly supported by play store. This article was done 2019 august 16 but I guess it still holds true today. Payments are handled by the respective app store if they do not accept them. It won't work. Try following all the methods listed in there to see which one works and then post that working method for everyone: *Article with workarounds *Play support


Arsenic , NiLesh I contact with sololearn but no answer....


coffeeunderrun I'll try ....


If you think there is a problem from sololearn's side then you can contact them through [email protected]


Same with me I tried just now but it's showing error after entering the details of the card. And it also has balance 😑😶


coffeeunderrun it's about 4-5 days.... But yet I didn't get any solution..


Lord Krishna Yes sir I also used the Rupay Debit Card only but at last it shows error


Try an alternative if at all possible.


Just buy google play recharge code with paytym or phone pay or paypal or apps which have wallet i also bought like card is also not working..


Once check if u have downloaded sololearn from playstore or it is apk file as few apk files doesn't support billing.


Hp 22 lol