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Can you create your own language

9/4/2020 11:24:43 PM


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Martin Taylor so here i am , interested in knowing how to create a language, looks up lexical analysis, finds term Deterministic finite automata, wth is this, clicks link, sees bunch of crazy math symbols ive only seen a couple of with a bunch of words ive never heard, closes webpage, realizes how little i still know, back to regular programming lol


Tindan Sandow. Actually an operating system is made from programming languages which are abstract representations of machine language, which is an abstract representation of binary, which in itself is an abstraction of the presence or lack of electricity on billions of transistors that we refer to as bits connected in specific circuits determined by engineers that make the hardware, and while an OS and a programming language are governed by an overarching set of rules that is where the similarity stops, what you are saying is basically a dog and a crocodile are the same because they have four legs.


Why would you want to create your own laguage ? There are so many existing technologies already. What is missing ?


You can. But i wouldn’t dare. I would rather try to understand and find a way why i need one and resolve rather than reinventing. IMO more language creates conflicts even when they have same purpose. I think it should evolve not reinvent. Just a thought


Tindan Sandow It is possible but it will be a low level programming language. You can invent an interpreter as in it can make people understand a programming language. Or Google it


Creating a programming language is a bit harder even using high level languages like python. And usually most of high level programming languages are built using C or Assembly (and may be in machine language?). In assembly it is extremely hard. But I'm not discouraging you. Create it using high level languages then translate it to low levels.


Robert Atkins if you're interested about creating a programming language, you can go on github. Look for 'build your own x', scroll down to the section 'programming languages', and you'll see some tutorials and interesting links.


Tindan Sandow there is a suggestion ,use description to define your question is detail not comments✌️


And an operating system is a language


The operating system has an order or sequence that every code follows For example a Logical AND operator (&&) it's written like (a && b) not )&&ab( and for English we can have a sentence like "I am going to School" not "To going I am School" so in hindsight they are the same


Dadson Wamuiga Matu please use the q&a as it is intended which is for questions concerning codes related issues, not advertising. Not only are you offtopic but being disrespectful to the poster and those whom are trying to help them. Please remove all your YouTube posted comments. Thanks and happy coding.


we had a project using C; its about an OS. Actually one can write his OS but there are a lot of things to b3ar in mind. Look, hardware, software(system and third party) all these are nasty phases you should think. And "Language " is also the same think in programming era. You should understand the deep walls and caves of programming, mathematics and physics. NB: I can assure you that one can definitely make his OS (sth in sandbox😂) or language.



You can if you have the patience and drive.


To implement your programming language, that is to say to actually making something happens, you can build one of two things: a compiler or an interpreter. You could also build both of them if you want. Here you can find a good overview if you need it: Compiled and Interpreted Languages.


to make a programming language is hard to will take you time lots of Good programming language of many Technologies


If you are interested to create your own language then I advice you to search for 'brainfuck'. It is a typeless, structured interpreter language. The Hello World programm looks like: ++++++++[>++++[>++>+++>+++>+<<<<-]>+>+>->>+[<]<-]>>.>---.+++++++..+++.>>.<-.<.+++.------.--------.>>+.>++. Have fun with it



Why does the tag say operators


absolutely yes, for this you may work hard and smart!