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In beginner level which programming language is best?

9/1/2020 4:23:06 PM

Pondurai Yuvi

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Python is easy to learn but it will not help you to gain the core concept and if you want to know the core concepts You should try for language like C, C++, java. You will get to no know how program works in a better way. As C++ is the very fast it is used by most coder for coding competition like Google code jam , Facebook hacker up. At the moment, the most popular programming languages used in contests are C++, Python and Java. For example, in Google Code Jam 2017, among the best 3,000 participants, 79 % used C++, 16 % used Python and 8 % used Java . Some participants also used several languages.


Learn python , it's the best for beginners


In my opinion.... HTML is easy to learn and best for beginners but it is a markup language. In programming language Python is best.


I will recommend C++


Learn C because its hard if you will complete C then you will learn easily every thing. (Its not my suggestion my teacher suggest me. So i think without thinking any thing learn C)☺


Read these post you can find answer.


Sakshi💕 [INACTIVE] He asking about Programming languages. Html is not a programming language. 😄😄😆


Ramaz Borchashvili (Vainakh) HTML is not a programming language, but the asker has asked about programming languages. Happy coding </>


Learning Java, will be good ( according to your tags ), and according to me if not seeing the tags then Python is best. Happy Coding </>


Python, java and HTML. HTML and java is for beginners. Python , css and sql is needed for hacking


Python is a common option.


According to me first you should learn C language, because it helps you to better understand fundamental of computer theories. if you can learn and master C programming you can then learn a variety of other languages more easily. Therefore, whether you should learn C or not just depends on whether you want to obtain that kind of understanding. Hope this will help you😊👍


Python and javascript are the best language to start programming


I suggest to learn C first as a beginner. It helps to understand basics of program like variables, data types etc. After that you can learn other OOP ie. C++, Java, C#. (It's my opinion😜 choice is your)


Learn Python and C, they are best for the Beginning. Happy Learning :)


Python is best for beginners!


Go for c++ or python for first time and second option must be any of these(Python or c++). HTML is good and easy to learn but it is not a programming language.


C language is the best programming language for beginner level


C Cause it is the basic language and after completed C you are able to easily understand the other languages 👍


Pondurai Yuvi If u really want to learn any programming Lang, u should be doing a lot of practice! But as u asked I recommend python or c to start off with.and then Java. Hope this helped :) if u are intrested in web development and design, start html,css,and then JS.. Anything would be good!