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GUI(graphical user interface)

How can we use GUI in our project in C++. Is it necessary to install CLR in Visual Studio?


8/31/2020 7:21:19 PM

Abu Hurrara

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You will need to use MFC libraries for Visual Studio or use raw Win32/64 SDK API, DirectX (don't remember if this is enabled by default, may be you need SDK) You can also install external libraries like OpenGL, SDL2, Qt , GTK+ etc. CLR is for .NET


You can try the wxWidgets on mac and linux, I'm not sure of windows



Gordon thanks it really help me.


Martin Taylor I have mentioned in my reply to use either MFC or raw win32/64 API. Of course it is good to know Win32/64 API but for most of the time MFC would suffice,



Mirielle suggest me for windows.