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What is the meaning of float and the meaning of % in phython

8/31/2020 12:16:25 AM

Nur Faqihah Binti Zamzam

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A float is short for a floating-point number. This type of number does not have a limit for the number of digits before and after a decimal point. In programming this data type is used for decimals. % is used to divide.


Float means non integer number like as 4.0,6.7etc % means modulus that is used to find remainder 25%8=1


1.float- if we have to convert the value in decimal number , we should use float like, float(3) >>>3.0 It's usefull for some operations 2.% % is used to get the reminder of division without dividing the values like, 4%3 >>> 1 because,3*1 = 3 and 3 is closest value for 4 in 3's division. reminder = 4-3 =1


thank you RodionDoma for you easy explanacion !


I don't understand float as a beginner and it's really disturbing me


Float is any decimal number. And '%' is to divide two numbers, but it only shows you the remainder.