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Animation Facts 🖐️⬆️

In web development we can make animation using html5, CSS and even JavaScript too. What is the difference between these animations except keywords? Which language should I prefer to make animation in my website from these I mentioned and why? What is the difference between this animations and Flash animations?

8/27/2020 1:16:29 PM


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The shortness of the code is biggest factor. Like in css you have to write much for slider toogle But in jQuery it just a line. Silarily for other..


🈂️Toma But I can use animate tag to create animation in SVG. Thus the way I can create animation in HTML lot more with CSS. As far as I know SVG implementation is called 2D xml graphics. Thanks Divya Mohan I got your point 🤘


Thanks 🈂️Toma


maDCoder 💉 you're welcome


Flash animations are a completley different subject than html,css,js. You can't create animations in plain html. Use css for animations or a javascript framework to animate certain elements. Maybe search on YouTube for some help making animations in css. ;D


maDCoder 💉 I am not an expert :). Learn what you feel more comfortable with.