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Kotlin not recognised by BTS

OFF TOPIC I was suprised that Kotlin was not included in the BTS promotion. It would seem that only modules with questions throughout are acceptable. I am just posting this as I believe many others may also be confused. Mods - delete this post if deemed irrelevant

8/23/2020 10:55:57 AM

Rik Wittkopp

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Kotlin is not official course in SoloLearn. If you complete Kotlin, even you can't get Kotlin certificate.


Vadi velan My definition of a course must differ from the norm. 😁👍 But I am sure you are correct in that there must be a minmum criterea for a course to be defined as such


Kotlin is a lesson by community and not by Sololearn For more FAQs: https://code.sololearn.com/WhxS7Gd2NnlF/?ref=app