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[ Solved ] What's wrong with BTS?

I'm trying really hard to finish off the second streak. I have even completed new courses but I'm not getting 2nd second streak . I completed my first streak 27 hours ago and since then I have completed numerous lessons and modules. Help plz πŸ™ I need answers to - 1)Where to see your current streak 2)What if a user starts late And 3)What if A user broke the streak.Can he start new? Most importantly , how to continue with my 2nd streak All answers are appreciated πŸ‘


8/22/2020 12:18:19 PM


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Same problem. I also did not get the second streak. :( Edit: I got third streak. But yesterday I did not get the notification of second streak. πŸ”° Justin πŸ”° https://www.sololearn.com/post/503059/?ref=app


1. I think you cannot see the current streak at the moment when you will complete a lesson you will get a popup that you have completed and you'll get the streak number is .... 2. I started the lessons from 2:00Pm yesterday and I completed the second streak on 12:00AM[I thought that the time duration was 24 hours but I can complete the second lesson before 24 hrs] if you do not continue your streak within 24 hours you will lose your current Streak and then next day you have to again start with the first streak. 3. You will easily get that information in the FAQ.I think you can but let's read the FAQ once. If you miss a day, you can rejoin the streak, provided that there is enough time for you to complete the streak in 15 days. If you do not complete the streak, you will not receive any of the awards. https://get.sololearn.com/back-to-school/faq I will urge you that email to sololearn at [email protected] asking then what to do and also ask whether if losing the streak would allow to start a new0


πŸ”° Justin πŸ”° The thing is may be there can be a bug.so try after few hours. If you have completed your streak before 27 hours.then it should be visible! It appears after 24 hours. Try to log out and again login. Or try to clear ap cache or ap storage. May you can get the solution by this. You can't check your current streak.it appears when you complete your first streak and continues so on. but feel free to rejoin it againπŸ˜„ it's till 1 October! so let's do it✌️ If yet the problem exists Feel free to mail sololearn. Hope this helpsπŸ‘ Thank


Jeffly I think anyone is eligible for the BTS contest you should read the back to school faq that I have pasted in my answer it is written in the faq that each and every user who complete the 15 days streak will get the sl pro trial for 30 days I am not pretty sure about this but please have a look on the faq https://www.sololearn.com/post/501861/?ref=app


Nilesh Means even if someone broke the streak and completed it in 2nd try ... Will he get pro?


You're top everywhere, here and also in the code section πŸ˜…πŸ‘πŸ»


Hi Justin, Simply you clear the cache and data of the Sololearn then login, Complete the Back to School Competition lesson. It's work. Try it.


I hv the answer, we need to learn a lesson everyday(1 atleast) to complete the streak . . . . We will get the notification on the sololearn app that we hv completed the streak.(there is an option as well to share the streak on sololearn) . . . If streak breaks, we have to start a new streak. . . If something wrong is happening with u then report it to sololearn


piyush Nilesh What about pro? Do all who complete get them?


Artem Yes bro I'm confused 😒


Said I'm not professional but as far as I know you'll need (HTML, CSS, JavaScrip) courses in order to create websites.


Ishan Kumar Gupta oh tanx πŸ’™




Artem yeah, I think he means php isn't needed


Same issue here. I think the issue may be related to adds. Adds popping up after each lesson interfering with the streak.


Don't forget that SoloLearn is in another time zone and might not update the "next day" until thier local time. Take a few extra lessons later in the day if you are worried. :)


it didn't work out for me i finished a lesson yesterday but i'm seeing no streak


I think it may take some time.... Ur streak will be automatically added Wait for a day Good luck...πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


Ishan Kumar Gupta, I am not arguing. I just thought you mean that he needs to learn only html to create websites and css, js and php are not required. I've got the point of your message wrong, sorry.


It finally gave me my 2 day streak, but really should be just about on day 3. I just kept trying random times throughout the day/night and it just gave me a streak. When it did I was kinda expecting it to be day 3, but no it says day 2. So I added the time that I received it as a comment to the streak post so that I can track it.