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Easy install and pip install not working

Can you give me some tips to make “pip install pygame, django” work? I tried “pip install --upgrade pip”.Its not working😭. Its working on my laptop but not in Code Playgroung. My laptop is very slow. That is why I am not using it. Please help.

8/15/2020 8:36:20 AM


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Aathmaj here many of the packages will work. But GUI & UI based packages will not work.


pip command will not work here and also packages are also limited.


@Sushant, Thank you very much. I will try in a Python IDE in my phone.


Also what are the limited packages? I want to know. I will try to make some code snippets with it.


@Sushant, Thank you. I will try using non GUI and UI based packages


@Sushant, What command should I use to install the packages? Please help.


They are pre installed