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C++ libraries

Guys I would like to know where or how I could learn to use different c++ libraries other that iostream. Libraries like iomanip.h etc


8/14/2020 2:49:59 PM

Nablyn Eku

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Those are headers not libraries. The only way to learn about them is to read about them and use them in your code. See these sites for reference. www.cplusplus.com cppreference.com


There is not much difference between them. Libraries are typically seen as 3rd party software but can come as preinstalled as a part of the language itself developed by the language developer themselves like STL library (Standard Template Library) which is a part of C++ language. Headers typically provide/make available the prototypes of various functions that you will use in your program. They also make available various classes, data structures, algorithm that you are going to use them in your programs.


Thank you. Very much. Also what's the difference between libraries and headers?


Here is an interesting and important link tht might help you in deep level. See this: https://www.bogotobogo.com/cplusplus/libraries.php


Nablyn Eku look this is one of the best website to learn c++ libraries www.tutorialspoint.com/cpp_standard_library/fstream.htm I hope you get what you are searching for.


junayeD  ●_° Himanshu Shah tall are great thanks alot