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Button double click

Can anyone tell me how can i click the button twice and another function is activated...

8/14/2020 11:09:57 AM

Prince Sukhija

9 Answers

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dblclick https://youtu.be/NrE6675CjhA




Use the ondblclick event listener.


Prince Sukhija spelling mistake, missing a "l" it's db-L-click


Somes events handlers: Onclick Ondblclick Onmousedown Onmouseover


There are two ways to handle events Btn.ondblclick=function(){ //do something } Alternatively Btn.addEventListener('dblclick', function(){ // do something })


browser support ? try update your browser and webview if you are on android maybe a workaround ? https://code.sololearn.com/WGPef2Crz4tM/?ref=app


But nothing happen by applying ondbclick Gordon and Logomonic Learning


Im unable to fit in my codeLogomonic Learning