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How can a robot understand us.

like Sophia robot ( Which language they use. How can they give the code in mechine.

8/9/2020 3:40:29 AM

Jawad Shopnil

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We can broadly divide the tools of interactivity with which they are equipped into artificial senses and outwardly perceptible responses, with the latter being mediated by artificial intelligence, the sum of all protocols by which they are designed to process and respond to data received and memories stored. You need t know about it. Artificial Senses Like as : Artificial Vision , Artificial Hearing , Artificial Touch. Perceptible Responses Like as : Mechanical and Electrical Movement , Speech and sound, Sound of voice , Interactivity with Visual Environment. Social robots can also be programmed to recognise vocal expression and not just the content of language, as a means of trying to read the mood of their interlocutors; and they can be made to respond adaptively to such cues by varying their behaviour either to mirror or to respond in a fashion complementary to the manifest mood of the humans with them – whether this be cheerful and jolly, nervous and animated, sombre and morose, or calm and serious.


There are over 1500 programming languages in the world, which is far too many to learn. Here are the most popular programming languages in robotics. Pascal Python C/C++ Java C# .Net Matlab Hardware Descriptive language (HDLs) Lisp & Prolog Scratch Pascal Industrial robot language And so on...


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If you want to know how Robot think and understand us and how it's work then firstly you must to want to know about it that how robot think like human how and it's it's possible. firstly robot not a human second he has not own thinking power Modern social robots are designed to interact with humans by making use of a variety of sensors that are then converted into data their programming can meaningfully interpret. check out this site Artificial intelligence will make you smarter Also Check out You can also check out i think it may be help you Also Check out about Arduino


How can robot understand us?



They are building the model based on data and split the data in to two half : training set and test set and using training set data containing behaviour they are building model's linear regression and this model is used to predict the test data. Take the course of Machine learning for more information.


Python language is used by them.


Use Raspberry Pi