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Can I get IT job with my talent and without any degree ...😁

Pls ans...

8/4/2020 11:44:03 AM

Dpak Naik

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Dpak Naik Bruh ! According to me degree doesn't matters much your talent and knowledge matters but some people don't understand and follow the outside world. ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌


Yes. But company should aggre with that. 😁


start a tech startup with your skills and become employer not employee 🆗


It's already 1 year I have been searching for the answer that degree actually matters or not. Here is what I got. Different people have different answers. For some it matters, and doesn't matter for others. Not want to long the answer. The final answer is degree doesn't matter but only for may be 1% of people. From other's answer all over the internet I have searched, degree matters or not it depends on you. Not a avg skilled person can land a job in top MNCs without degree. You must be unique / highly talented. Sad Truth...


Yes you can also do that


@🌠🌠 see what I have written. I haven't written degree is useless 😉


😂😅😆🤣 U have to take certifications compulsorily. ------------------------------ Dpak Naik Don't post open ended questions here.


😂😂what if I create an app and sell it to google


Sir your ans inspired me It's 🔥🔥🔥


It happens a lot. Fortunately, many companies are realizing the need for talent over degree. However, the same way a degree does not prove talent, mere saying you have a skill is equally useless. You have to prove it. So my advice is that you start a project with which you can showcase your skills to employers.


Skills matters the most.


depend on company


Let me be pretty straight forward and honest to this query. This answer is totally based in general to the work environment in India. Have you ever seen a technical job advertisement with qualification mentioned as " not required" ?? No company has ever done so. And even you go for offline interviews the very first thing they look at is their criteria for that position. And your qualification certificates, you won't be even able to contact to the HOD, or operational department, you will be knocked out of the company beforehand. Speaking of talent, that is something which comes later, unless u r the one whom just google offered some scholarships or offer letter.. So yes your talent need to be extraordinary to start for a job in a company without having degree.. AND then the company will enroll you to some of their tie-up colleges. So that you can get a degree, as a distant learner. So the chances left with you is freelance or start-up.. both needs good contacts and good team.. I hope it answers your question.


You can,best way is starting freelancer


Piyush Kumar Read solo lessons


Ma'am degree important or talent


Most of us have heard about the fact that many of the GOOGLE employees don't have a degree. It's pretty inspiring right ! But if you see in real world scenario, why would someone join a university. They could have just worked hard to excell in programming and could have got placed in a good IT company. This is not to discourage you but the reality is you need a degree. Having a degree increases your chances of getting a job. Someone who tries get an IT job without degree must have outstanding skills to beat up others in this immense competitive society. If you are very confident, go ahead ! All the very best !


We have moved from the certificate economy to the skill economy. Once you know you have the required skill and you are good at it with a portfolio to prove it, nothing is going become a barrier for you not even a college degree.


I can choose for freelancing


Since you have the skill, my best advice for you is to work with a good IT company ( might be a small one, but must be a good one with a good mentor), gain experience and then think of starting your own company.