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What can i have to do to chat some one more than one message? Look this pic

8/4/2020 10:10:16 AM


8 Answers

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Are you on the latest version Bereket? There was an issue with the messaging feature in previous versions of the app.


Wait for the other person to accept your message request. Once they do, you will be able to chat.


You have to wait for the person who wrote the message to accept the chat. Or the second problem is that the exclamation mark appears in these messages There are two solutions to this. It is recommended that you download the latest version of the sololearn program first. The second is that when you write a message, if the internet connection is not good, it is recommended to send it again


You should delete your message and try again to send . It is dm problem occurs in sololearn due to many changes occurring in this app.


Yea , ofcourse you can chat with your friends one or more message on about coding.


Look this pic


As you see i can't send more than one message .even he replied .


Ok can you give me link the latest version of sololearn