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Best Programming language for a web developer

I wanted to add logic on my web page I know I can do it by Ka but every things I snot possible by a single language I also.know about PHP can anyone have. Enter choice

8/4/2020 8:47:11 AM

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JavaScript Is Best and with React Js, Vue , Angular JS(Typescript). React is easy as compared to angular and Vue is easy but for Job not available more but in future Vue Developer get number of job available.


For front-end html,css,javascript and python,php for back-end


P Y T H O N just kidding. i could not resist. keep cool. 😁👍


Why focus only on programming languages Python might be simple. But check out MS paint. Our old buddy who's lonely with nobody. There's nothing like it!


java & Python best language of web developer


There is no best programming language. Just search on the internet for the frameworks available for your preferred language. If you work in Python- there is Django and Flask, in Ruby you have Ruby on Rails, in Rust, you have Rocket and Actix. Surely there will be one for the language you are comfortable in. Also, PHP is always an option


JavaScript is best for front-end development with some awesome library and framework like React Angular Vue and Node.js(Javascript Rantime) is also quit good for back-end development.


JavaScript on nodejs is your best choice. Express framework or Koa is a good start.



Javascript is the best for a web dev


Javascript. In web development, you'll encounter with that language sooner or later, no matter what framework you use. Javascript isn't the best language, but it's the most useful.


JAVASCRIPT even in mobile web applications technology is promising ReactNative ...but I love PWAs with JS




JS,JS and JS at least for 10-15 years


I prefer for JavaScript with react js, vue, angular js/typeScript. From those react js is very easy and well known to all. But I have a special tips for our website that is html5: canvas. You can run JavaScript on canvas using IDs and make it our web page more interactive as well as make our web page to take logical decisions. It is awesome. And you can add a framework and use the library on canvas too. The working process is easy but the designer must be more creative who has a sense to explain 1 word in 1 line fluently. Moreover this, there are lot of programming languages are available. You can choose anyone of them. But I think, a creative person never sort of his problem by making bypassing path instead he thinks the problem in a such way where problem itself tells abt the solutions 😁 Sorry for so dramatic. BTW Enjoy 🖐


Javascript /python


React.js for the frontend, and Express.js for the backend, both of them are JavaScript so you don't need to learn another language for the backend, but if you want to, like anyone said, Python might be best choice for the backend. (I forgot which module are used so sorry about that)