why is it important to use an already made method than building your own? doesn't that make programmers lazy? | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


why is it important to use an already made method than building your own? doesn't that make programmers lazy?


8/3/2020 7:43:34 AM


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⁣⁣⁣ , I am sure you are aware that programming languages from time to get updated, improved, modified and changed. Can you imagine what happens to you when this case comes true when you have done everything by yourself? builtin functions and methods and also modules provide a high level of code quality, performance and consistency to build high quality apps.


You can also reinvent the wheel and the cart not to be lazy when you need to go to the grocery store after borrowing your neighbour's horse but your time is probably better spent on other activities.


We learn through people's experience 🤞🤝


In programing there is a principle called DRY - "Don't Repeat Yourself" You do not want to write the same piece of code providing a certain functionality again and again. It's time wasting and thus makes you less productive, it's error-prone.


No of course not , it's massively saved the time Assuming that you're programmer and you are about to build up a professional website which included huge amounts of coding scripts and properties , so you need ready coding functions to use them repeatedly so that be able to save your time in solving other problems you may face on your website therefore be able to designing more professional websites without wasting much time with petty things Your perspective is true for just those who are new learners and begginers which would provide them deeper understanding of how these functions work and other related things


Yes that can be done! But but, 1. The programming languages are developed, highly upgraded so code done now for building method by your own sometimes may create some MESS because you are creating your own methods so they can be differently named by you each time, and they may lead to FORGETTING your own methods untill you pen them down or remember by comments. 2. Writing your own methods makes you creative but you are not bound to some rules now, so there is heavy chance you can forget your methods and maybe there arguments too and may have to check the declaration again and again. But when you use ready made method of the programming language, you are bound to some rules of that language and you will always keep them MEMORIZED in you.


Making apps, websites, etc. Requires lots of programming so it saves our time, efforts and prevents bugs. For making anything which should be popular it requires a lot of programming and thus it doesn't makes programmers lazy.


Are you talking about built-in methods or frameworks? If possible, use a built-in method. It is usually faster to execute and less prone to errors. But there are times when you need more than what a built-in method can offer you. You can build your own method on top of the built-in method but please don't override it. About frameworks, it depends on the situation. More often than not you are better off without one. I prefer not using frameworks that define the way the rest of your code is created. In a modular language like Java, whenever there is need to implement a complex functionality it is best to see if there are open source modules that help with that. This does not only hasten development time but prevent unnecessary bugs too.