How can one apply for jobs with sololearn? And is Sololearn certificate accepted or recognised globally? | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


How can one apply for jobs with sololearn? And is Sololearn certificate accepted or recognised globally?

There are solo learn certificates i have. And i need more enlightenment on how one can make use of it greatly.

8/1/2020 12:14:32 AM

Stephen Olowomeye

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I dont think this certificate can help. but u can add it in your cv as u r interest to learn from anywhere... .. u just love learning new things. with this u can just try to impress your interviewer as u r passionate about your field


Any professional certificate can give you job :) and if you talk about sololearn if your interview doesn't know what is sololearn their isn't much worth of these certificates :) Don't get demotivated :) learning here is the best thing you can do!


Sololean teaches u basics. Sololean's certificate won't get u jobs However it's experience will . Happy coding 😉


Solo certificate are useless in a sense they teach you just basics ,you need to work on projects to get into those companies


Sometimes it's not about certificates, sololearn is a nice platform to learn especially if you are a beginner. It teaches you the basics, provides you with a community to answer your questions and clarify you. Challenges to help you and there are tons for great people you can learn from here. It's not about the certificate it may not have value but the knowledge and experience is 🔥. You could then add more from online sources, build projects.


Sololearn certificates can't get you a job. You can frame it and keep in your showcase or best to take a print out of it and sell to a wholeseller,🙄😁 useless certificates (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) just to motivate you they have this certificates


Not recognized


Check the above answer. Sorry to say it's truly a no. So now your problem is resolved completely!


Keep learning bro. I started learning coding from sololearn as a total beginner but now I have my own projects and I'm a full stack developer. But don't depend solely on sololearn for tutorials.


I unlocked the senior developer badge. I'm so happy, I can now demand a higher pay from the employer


I would ask SoloLearn directly


No you can't use it. Learn more and build a portfolio of your projects. That's what will get you a job.


Don't depend on certifications, let your acquired skills certify you. Go through sololearn courses and and make sure you understand them then you outsource for more higher courses like in coursera. Sololearn alone can not build to the level of applying for a job.


Sololearn certificate cannot give you a job But working on the projects can do you some good


You can learn basics from sololearn. Any certificates are useless unless u gained knowledge from it.


The basics are great and soo far easier and detailed than most courses offered. just like everyone said. i am willing to give you a job and pay you $5000 per month but you need to be able to make something like netflix. Can you? the precise answer is the answer to your question. Dont worry you will get running just master the crawling steps first


I feel you can add up the certificate but dont let it be the only certificate you would showcase.its really not about certificates. Certificates without brains is useless


I need everyone's advice, opinion,suggestion all are accepted. Am i will be very grateful if anyone can help.


I think it only teaches you principles and basics of programming, but no jobs are in it or money.


Thanks everyone.