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What I have to do to be voted?

I try to answer the more questions as I can but nobody votes me... I just want to give a bit of my experience to the community and be helpful to others, but it seems nobody read it!!

7/31/2020 6:32:24 PM

Tomás Atrat

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if someone finds what you post helpful, they will vote it. If the answer is repeated or too general it usually draws no attension. just try and help others to help them, not to get likes.


Not getting an upvote on your answer doesnt mean people are not reading it, they just have some conditions to when they should upvote and downvote. As for me, I do upvote anything made by people in my following list and extremely great answers ONLY


If you really want to contribute and help the community then why cares for likes/attentions. Just contribute if one is not liking your work then just remember that atleast someone somewhere is being helped by them. Keep posting and helping and eventually you'll start getting attentions(if that's why you're here). I think that this is well-suited to be posted in your Activity Feed and not here. Thank you. https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1316935/?ref=app


Well, answers aren't really to get upvotes. Or like Mirielle said, some ppl have specific conditions either to give upvotes or downvotes. But main reason to answer questions is to help a person to understand something. That is something really worth an upvote 🙂.



open this app to code ✅ open this app for upvotes ❌